Techniques in Deliciously Deep Frying a Turkey

Just before you start cooking the deep fried turkey, you must need to remember the risks that go with it. Being aware of such dangers will allow you to be cautious and to protect yourself. So what makes deep frying a turkey dangerous? In cooking a deep fried turkey, it is necessary to make use of large cooking casseroles filled with hot oil since the size of a turkey is large too. Due to this, there is a large risk associated. Once a cooking oil, even small amounts that comes into contact with the burner can lead to a large fire. Your masterbuilt turkey fryer may excessively heat up and there is a possibility of combustion when there is no thermostat control.

A casserole that is too much filled with oil or if the turkey is not thawed, there is a tendency of spilling the oil when putting the turkey into it. The lids of the cooking pot may be too hot to handle that it can severely burn you. And as mentioned earlier, the things involved are large so once it spills, it may cover a large surface area. Since we have already tackled about the dangers in deep frying a turkey, now we know that it is never easy and you should be cautious.

Let us now continue with the ways to cook a deep fried turkey. Begin with the preparation of the turkey first. Remove the neck and the giblets such as liver, and gizzard, from the cavity of the turkey. Clean the turkey the way you clean when you are going to roast it. Remove the ties on the legs of the turkey. Put the turkey in the cooking basket and place the basket in the casserole. Add water to the casserole to the level 1 to 2 inches higher than the level of the turkey. Then, you get the turkey from the pot and take note of the quantity of the water. Find out more from these resources:

This is done to know how much oil is needed for deep frying the turkey. You may now pour out the water once you are done measuring it. Start filling the cooking pot with the amount of oil needed. Set the thermostat control of the outdoor fryer to 375 degrees fahrenhheit. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes for the oil to heat up properly. Once the oil has already heated up, you may now immerse the cooking basket with a turkey inside it positioned horizontally in to the oil. To protect yourself from oil splatters and to contain the oil, put a cover on the cooking pot. Once the turkey appears brownish on the outside and it starts to float, it is already cooked. Then you give time for the turkey to drain its oil.